First, in the sales of products, the interests of customers are our first consideration. Our service pursues refinement. From pre-sale consultation, enthusiastic service to the promotion of products in sales, we all require refinement. Strong design and development, production, installation and commissioning, technical maintenance, irregular return visits, strict quality assurance and fast in-place after-sales service, each link has been carefully arranged to solve a series of customer worries.
1) Help customers to understand the local raw material supply and price situation, compare the market prices of building materials, and make investment income analysis;
2) confirm the scale of customer investment and carry out the analysis of aircraft compatibility.
3) assist customers in planning;
Two, whoever uses my products will carry out three packs according to the "three package regulations" of the state. The warranty period is one year.
1) on-site guidance equipment installation and commissioning.
2) training operators and maintenance personnel;
3) on-site service 24 hour response mechanism;
Three, lifelong after-sales service, unlimited service.
1) equipment, system upgrade, mold renewal;
2) popularization and application of new technologies and technologies.
3) exchange information and enhance competitiveness;