1. Pursue the maximization of enterprise interests to ensure the interests of the whole staff; We serve the enterprise, we pursue the maximization of enterprise interests, the maximization of enterprise interests is the fundamental guarantee of the maximization of the interests of all staff.
2., pursue fairness, pursue justice, do nothing for others, do not take advantage of it for a while, do not release Xiao en for personal gain;
3. colleagues, fraternal love, solidarity and mutual respect, do not discuss his personnel and problems, but only ask his own right or wrong.
4. Be brave to assume the responsibilities entrusted by enterprises, not because of the small good but not because of the small evil; the most important thing is to do what you hear, see, know and do.
5. No blackmail, no excuse, seeking truth from facts, to solve problems in the face of difficulties; there are always more ways than difficulties, more reasons than problems, what should be encouraged, what should be attacked, and more emphasis should be placed on management.
6., we must be industrious and frugal, prohibit waste, pay attention to efficiency and work time to do work related matters.