Manual handling of the most vulnerable components and how to solve these problems.
1. oil pump
The oil pump is the key part of all the transporters. Once the oil pump has problems, that is to say, the transporter will stop working, and the other parts will be better in time, without any damage, they will not be able to work. The oil pump is composed of many parts, among which dust ring, O-ring, steel ball and other parts are the most likely to be troubled. Once these parts are found to be in trouble or worn and damaged in the use process, the easiest and fastest solution is to replace and replace these parts.
2. oil cylinder
The oil cylinder plays a vital role in the whole lifting process of the carrier, and it is also through it to achieve the rise and fall of goods. Therefore, if the fork rack can not be lowered or raised, the reasons are as follows: first, the piston rod and cylinder may be damaged due to overloading or unbalanced loading of the cargo when it is loaded; second, the piston rod is exposed for a long time and rusted, which hinders the smooth movement of the piston; third, the adjusted nut and hexagonal nut are not correct. At this time, according to the judgment, replace the piston rod or cylinder, and adjust the nut to the lowest level when not using the carrier.
3. oil seal
Oil seal is the key component between piston rod and cylinder of sealed cylinder. Generally, it is equipped with imported sealing ring. It is mainly sealed, wear resistant and long service life. 70% of the oil leakage occurs on the oil seal. If oil leakage is found, timely inspection, such as aging and breakage of the seal ring, replace the high-quality seal ring.
4. wheels
Transport wheels are a kind of wear and tear products, which will be worn out if used for a long time. There are many kinds of wheels for transport vehicles, such as nylon wheels, PU wheels, polyurethane wrapped nylon, rubber wheels, electric mulon and so on. Most carriers are equipped with nylon wheels because of the general market and low price, but poor wear and noise when walking. The wheel must be replaced in a timely manner, expensive and inexpensive.
5. lever frame
The lever rack is the key component connecting the oil pump and the push rod. The lifting support of hydraulic cylinder and the carrying capacity of goods depend on the lever rack to support and achieve a balance. The phenomenon of overload and unbalanced load may often lead to the deformation or fracture of the lever rack when carrying goods. This phenomenon must occur, the carrier can not work properly, so contact the manufacturer or in the market to buy and replace the lever frame.